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Anna and Charlie's Perfect Animal Sanctuary Ceremony at Rosasharn Farm - Rehoboth, MA Wedding

Anna and Charlie were faced with the tough decision to reschedule their wedding from July 2020 to 2021 because of the mess that this year has been. Like many couples they chose to have a small ceremony and celebration on their original date which is something I absolutely love. What a cool story to be able to tell the entirety of!

Their original plan/plan for next year is hosted at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden, which is a location that is tough to beat. I think they truly nailed it with their minimony location and plans though. Working with such short notice Anna and Charlie found Rosasharn Farm in Rehoboth, MA. This space allowed them to setup a simple ceremony site along with a large area for a small reception – all outside of course!

Oh, and did I mention there is a treehouse you can stay in? The farm is also covered with animals from pygmy goats to turkeys to dogs to a rather chill water buffalo. It was an absolute blast exploring the grounds with Anna and Charlie.

So excited for next years big party!


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