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Creative Wedding Photography: Free Lensing

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

I wanted to share a series of posts talking a bit about some creative aspects of wedding photography. There are some tricks I like to try in my day to day photography that can make fun additions to the wedding day. They can take a boring location and make it much more interesting, as well as make cool locations even cooler.

I was recently second shooting, which is something I love to do because I get to test out some of these techniques during an actual wedding day. I was so excited to be working with Nate Creamer for the first time because his work is amazing and he really encouraged me to try some new, weird stuff.

I freelensed most of this wedding, which for almost everybody means absolutely nothing. Basically I took photos all day with my lens not attached to my camera. Taking photos this way lets me choose my focus point in a unique way. It is definitely a slower way to work, but in the right situations is truly amazing.

You'll notice in the images below a more selective focus, as well as some interesting light leaks. These photos aren't for everyone or for every part of a wedding, but if you like what you see lets talk about what creative approaches we can take to make your wedding unique!

Lead Photographer:

Update: New additions to this collection from a wonderful day spent with old friends. Andrew and Angelika's wedding was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Plus, when working with an old friend like Andrew there's usually some flexibility with trying weird tricks.

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