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Managing Your Wedding and COVID-19

Wedding planning by itself is a daunting task that can quickly become overwhelming. Add a global pandemic into the mix - like COVID-19 - and wedding planning may seem impossible. I can't stop hearing about couples who's wedding plans have been thrown into disarray over the last couple weeks due to government limits on gatherings, vendors taking precautions and unfortunately some vendors and venues going out of business. There are even some instances of up-charges due to new dates.

For my business, it looks like we will make it through this tough time without too much impact, which I am thankful for every single day. Although, that could change in the coming weeks. It really is a waiting game.

If your wedding has already been effected or you fear it may be, here are some ideas on how to move forward!



This is definitely the option that most people are going to want to use. We are all in this together, so I find that most of your vendors should be very understanding.

Start reaching out early if your vendors haven't already reached out to you, and start to get an idea of what dates may work for your whole team. I want all date changes to be as easily as possible, so if the date is open on my end it is an immediate change with no fees at all.

If you're finding it very hard to lock in a new date you may also want to consider a weekday wedding!

Elope/City Hall Wedding

If government buildings are still open this is a perfect way to keep that date you wanted! It would certainly keep things under any crowd limits put in place and your photographer should be able to keep that 6ft buffer zone, no problem.

These types of weddings allow for wonderful portrait sessions since there aren't really any time restraints or people to thank/catch up with.

Intimate Gathering

Similar to an elopement you may be able to hold an intimate gathering of close family and still maintain social distancing. I do believe that as this situation develops it may be harder to accommodate due to new policies from local government and would recommend this sooner rather than later.

If possible, this would be a wonderful reason to get into the backyard with some of your loved ones and celebrate through a tumultuous time!


I know having your wedding plans moved around can be heartbreaking. Having something you've looked forward to so much and put so much work into potentially effected by something like this is really unimaginable. Don't panic though - because you do have options!

Reach out to your vendors and build a backup plan with them. We are more than happy to help anyone through this experience because we are all in this together.

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